Capacitive Sensors

Robust and extremely versatile, Contrinex capacitive sensors detect position or presence of conductive and non-conductive materials, including liquids, pastes and bulk solids. Capacitive technology permits detection of targets through thin non-metallic barriers, ideal for controlling packaging and filling processes.Capacitive sensors generate electrostatic fields that change as a target approaches. The target material increases the sensor capacitance, triggering an internal oscillator at the pre-set sensing distance.

Resin-encased with plastic or metal housings, capacitive sensors resist impact, vibration and contamination, allowing contact or non-contact sensing. Engineers specify capacitive sensors as limit switches and non-contact position switches, for distance and speed measurement and for filling and level control. Electronic or volt-free outputs allow connection to most types of industrial controller, including PLCs and contactors.

Product Ranges

Capacitive Basic

Contrinex Basic range capacitive sensors deliver not only a reliable solution for all kinds of level sensing tasks but also for object detection and positioning of virtually all materials.

Photoelectric High Performance

Contrinex High Performance capacitive sensors deliver a solution even for the most difficult sensing tasks. All models come with an extended medium optimized operating distance for an improved.