Inductive Sensors

Robust and highly reliable,Contrinex inductive sensors are the fit-and-forget choice for non-contact detection of metallictargets at distances up to 65mm. Vacuum-encapsulatedelectronics and metal housings protect against shock, vibration, dust, dirt and moisture, makinginductive sensors ideal for highly demanding conditions.

An inductive sensor generates a magnetic field that is attenuated by a metal target. As a sensor nears its target, a sensing circuit detects the degree of attenuation and switches the output accordingly. Patented Condist® oscillator circuitry allows best-in-class operating distances, whileall-metal construction – including the sensing face – is possible with revolutionary Condet® technology. Designers everywhere specify Contrinex inductive sensors as industrial limit switches and position switches, as pulse-counting devices, or for distance and speed measurement.


Accurate, rugged and highly reliable, Contrinex Classics (600 series) inductive sensors are sized from ø3 to M30, with cuboids variants up to 80mm x 100mm, and offer market-leading sensing distances between 0.6mm and 65mm.

Extra Distance

With best-in-class sensing distances up to 40mm and sizes from M5 to M30, Contrinex Extra Distance (500 series) inductive sensors are accurate, rugged and highly reliable.

Full Inox

Sized from M8 to M30, with exceptionally robust and chemically resistant stainless-steel housings, Contrinex Full-Inox (700 series) inductive sensors are rated to IP68 and IP69K, with sensing distances up to 40mm.

Product Ranges

Inductive Basic

Contrinex Basic inductive sensors have a worldwide and well-deserved reputation for uncompromising accuracy and exceptional reliability.

Inductive Miniature

Size is often a critical constraint when selecting sensors for position- or presence-sensing, and Contrinex offers the smallest self-contained miniature inductive sensors on the market.

Inductive Extreme

Only world-class sensors survive the most extreme environments, and Contrinex Extreme inductive sensors are ideally equipped for the job.

Inductive Extra Pressure

Dependable, accurate presence- and position-sensing at pressures up to 100 bar requires world-class performance and build quality.

Inductive High Pressure

Contrinex high-pressure inductive sensors are suitable for continuous duty at pressures up to 500 bar (1,000 bar peak pressure), ensuring reliable, accurate sensing in the most demanding pneumatic.

Inductive Extra Temperature

Contrinex Extra Temperature inductive sensors offer the ideal solution for position- and presence-sensing applications at temperatures up to 120°C.

Inductive High Temperature

Exceptional working conditions demand uncompromising performance, and Contrinex high-temperature inductive sensors deliver in every respect.

Inductive Washdown

Contrinex ECOLAB®-certified inductive sensors operate continuously and reliably in the harsh operating conditions of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, ensuring uninterrupted production.

Inductive Analog output

Engineers needing a reliable, repeatable, highly accurate means of measuring the position of a target object should look no further than Contrinex analog inductive sensors.

Inductive Weld Immune

Contrinex weld-immune inductive sensors are ideal for the hostile working environments found in automotive factories and other industrial welding plants.

Inductive Special

Contrinex inductive sensors are highly accurate, exceptionally reliable and tough enough to withstand the harshest industrial challenges.