Relays with forcibly guided contacts

In the machine- and plantbuilding sector the safety becomes more and more important. Everywhere, safety modules and also safety control systems are used.

Despite the increasing use of semiconductor relays, the electromechanical relays are still an important part.

Here these special relays find their application.

The safety relays or relays with positive guided contacts have at least one normally closed contact and one normally open contact. The normally closed contact and the normally open contact are never closed together.

Also the relay has to guarantee during its life a contact distance of 0,5 mm in operation and also in case of failure.

Due to this feature a primary monitoring function identifies if a contact breaks down.

Eg.: If a normally open contact is welded the corresponding normally closed contact is not able to close when switching off the supply voltage.

Applications :

  • emergency stop modules
  • safety gate monitoring
  • light curtains
  • two- hand controls
  • elevator controls
  • railway applications

Sockets for the PCB mouning are available for mostly all safety relays. This allows a fast exchange between the relays at preventive machine care which is often prescribed regularly (eg power station) or in case of service. We provice sockets for DIN- rail mounting.

Customer- specific solutions

We are able to realise customer- specific solutions very fast due to a high production depth here in Furtwangen. We can supply relays with mixed contact types and materials.

Two different types of safety relays are available:

  • type A: all contacts are connected mechanically
  • type B: relays which have mechanic connected contacts as well as non- mechanic connected contacts. Also change- over contacts belong to this.

Emergency stop monitors

  • DIN EN 61810 basic relays
  • DIN EN 60255 electrical relays
  • DIN EN 50205 relays with positive guided contacts
  • DIN IEC 60664 insulation coordination for electrical equipment in low voltage systems

Emergency Stop Modules

Emergency stop modules with semiconductor output are checking periodical the outputs by switching off the output voltage. Controls, frequency converters or servo drives note this and switch off. This is not necessary with emergency stop modules or safety relays from Dold. Therefore, a trouble- free working is guaranteed. In addition, the emergency stop modules have potential free outputs and in most cases contactors won’t be used anymore for higher loads.

Lift Controls

In lift controls Dold safety relays provide that the lift starts only when doors are closed.

Railway Applications

Dold safety relays build a safe and reliable interface between control level and periphery so that the trains do not stop on free road.

Safety relays
all Safety relays are aviable with the following contact materials : AgNi10; AgNi0,15 +5um Au; AgSnO2.
Also mixed contacts are possible!
Function Number of
washable Double
Temperature Height
Accessories Type
Safety relays 2 5 .. 110V 0.7W 5A optional -40..+60°C 25.5 + OA 5669
Safety relays 2 6 .. 110V 0.8W 5A optional -40..+85°C 25.5 + OA 5669/3____
Safety relays 2 6 .. 110V 0.75W 6A -40..+70°C 10.8 OA 5667
Safety relays, reinforc.insulation 2 6 .. 110V 0.75W 6A -40..+70°C 10.8 OA 5667/____4
Safety relays 4 6 .. 110V 1W 6A optional -40..+60°C 25.5 OA 5670
Safety relays 4 6 .. 110V 0.6W 8A optional -40..+85°C 30 + OA 5611
Safety relays, sensitiv 4 6 .. 110V 0.36W 8A -40..+85°C 30 + OA 5611/___S
Safety relays, according UIC736i 4 6 .. 110V 0.7W 8A -40..+70°C 30 + OA5611/31__L1
Safety relays 6 6 .. 110V 0.8W 8A optional -40..+85°C 30 + OA 5612
Safety relays, sensitive 6 6 .. 110V 0.5W 8A -40..+85°C 30 + OA 5612/___S
Safety relays 4 6 .. 110V 0.6W 8A + optional -40..+80°C 15.5 + OA 5621
Safety relays 6 6 .. 110V 0.8W 8A + optional -40..+80°C 15.5 + OA 5622
Safety relays 4 6 .. 110V 0.75W 10A optional -40..+85°C 39.2 + OA 5601
Safety relays 6 6 .. 110V 1W 10A optional -40..+85°C 39.2 + OA 5602
Safety relays 8 6 .. 110V 1.25W 10A optional -40..+75°C 39.2 + OA 5603
Safety relays 2 6 .. 110V 0.40W 8A optional -40..+85°C 10.3 OA 5642
Safety relays 3 6 .. 110V 0.50W 8A optional -40..+85°C 10.3 OA 5643
Safety relays 4 6 .. 110V 0,65W 8A optional -40..+85°C 10.3 OA 5644
Safety relays with
double contacts
4 6 .. 110V 0.6W 5A + + -40..+80°C 15.5 + OA 5621_D
Safety relays with
double contacts
6 6 .. 110V 0.8W 5A + + -40..+80°C 15.5 + OA 5622_D
Safety relay - Accessories
Function for Relay type Product name
Solder socket OA5601 ET1415.011
Solder socket OA5602 ET1415.012
Solder socket OA5603 ET1415.013
Solder socket OA5611 ET1415.031
Solder socket OA5612 ET1415.032
Solder socket OA5621 ET1415.035
Solder socket OA5622 ET1415.037
Solder socket OA5669 ET1415.021
Fixing clip OA5669 ET1415.025
Socket for DIN-rail OA5669 ET1415.041
Socket for DIN-rail, safe separation, screw connection OA5669 ET1415.044
Socket for DIN-rail, safe separation, screw connection OA5669 ET1415.047
Function modul 24V AC, with green LED OA5669 ET1415.912
Function modul 24V DC, with free-wheeling diode and green LED OA5669 ET1415.913
Function modul 24V DC, with free-wheeling diode and red LED OA5669 ET1415.911