Multifunctional motor control unit

The multifunctional devices from our POWERSWITCH range combine motor control functions such as reversing and softstarting with monitoring functions, e.g. active-power or current monitoring. Also special-purpose devices such as solid-state contactors with integrated clock function for configuring large-scale reversing contactor circuits are available.

Our intelligent devices are tailored to the requirements of our customers. Tell us your problem and we have the solution when it comes to control, monitoring and protection of your drives

  • Reduce material cost
  • Save time for wiring
  • Save space and wiring expenses in the switch cabinet
  • Spare the frequency converter in many cases

DOLD solid-state contactors and relays dead easily to handle

Ready-to-use products for your applications

With optimized parameters such as heat sink size, EMC, heat dissipation etc. To select the product which is best suited for your application it is enough to know the current flowing through your load.

Innovative technology

Switching of high load currents results in considerable heating of solid-state contactors and relays. Inacceptable temperature rises may cause device failures after a time. To counteract this risk DOLD developed advanced technologies. Thanks to the DCB (Direct Copper Bonding) method it is possible to optimize heat dissipation in the power output element of the solid-state contactors and relays and to ensure the operational reliability of your systems.

Intelligent reversing contactors with further motor control and monitoring functions: Among others used in extruding and injection moulding machines, feed facilities in the wood working industry, actuators in process technology, sewage treatment plants, carwash systems, materials handling, gate controls, pumps

Semiconductor contactor with alternating pump control SX 9241: controls and monitors two water pumps

Multifunctional motor control unit MINISTART
Function Load
3-phase [A]
Load voltage,
AC [V]
Digital triggering
DC [V]
Width [mm] Type
Smart Motorstarter 11.5 400 24 + + 22.5 UG 9256