Remote control switches

Time and remote control switches are the both cornerstones of DOLD's installation electronics. They belong to the basis devices of modern building system automation and are mainly used for lighting control. Apart from classic staircase lighting time switches and remote-control switches also time switches which can be reset and cut off before time-out as well as remote control switches for central and group control belong to this wide-spread product range. This also includes the DOLD energy-saving switch combining the properties of time and remote control switch. Further installation devices such as louvre switches, load disconnecting relays or the innovative hybrid switching relay complete DOLD's installation hardware offering.

  • Switching on/off of lighting possible from any number of locations
  • Easy implementation of central control, i.e. additional possibility to switch from a central location
  • Easy implementation of group control, i.e. additional possibility to switch several lamp groups from a central location
  • Save space and cost by compact solutions with multiple remote control switches within a single housing
  • Remote control switches have an operating mechanism with 2 stable switching positions. Bistable relays can be used to implement especially low-noise electromechanical remote control switches.
  • When a voltage pulse is applied to the coil the contact is switched and remains in this switching position until the next pulse follows.
  • Any number of non-illuminated push buttons can be connected to a single remote control switch. The distance between push buttons and remote control switch is nearly not relevant.
  • Glow lamp loads up to 10 mA can be parallel connected to DOLD remote control switches. In the case of higher loads the glow lamps must be directly connected to the supply voltage.

Switching of lighting systems and other electrical loads from any number of locations

  • Lighting of - corridors in residential, business and industrial buildings - larger rooms such as conference rooms, lounges, etc. - halls such as sport arenas, public swimming pools, concert halls, industrial halls and warehouses, etc.
  • Implementation of central controls
  • Apart from individual control by local push buttons remote control switches provide the possibility to switch on/off multiple remote control switches from a central location in a defined manner.
  • Implementation of group controls with central switching on/off In large business buildings, factories, offices, hospitals, schools, public buildings, etc. it is often required to individually switch on/off several lamp groups from several locations. At the same time there is the requirement of switching on/off all lamps from a central location, e.g. in the morning or in the evening, with the possibility of being individually operated by doormen, groundskeepers or cleaning staff.
Remote switches (Impulse relays)
Function Output
lth (A)
of systems
For top hat
rail mounting
Remote switches (Impulse relays) 1 NO 16 + 1 + 17.5 IK 8702, SK 8702
Remote switches (Impulse relays) ever 1 NO 8 + 2 + 17.5 IK 8702/200,
SK 8702/200
Remote switches (Impulse relays) 4 C/O 16 1 + 17.5; 35 IK 8800, IL 8800
Remote switch for central
switching operations
4 C/O 16 1 + 17.5; 35 IK 8805, IL 8805
Remote switch for central
switching operations
2 NO 10 1 + 17.5 IK 8807
Remote switch for central and
group switching operations
2 NO 16 1 + 35 IL 8809
NO = normally open contact; C/O = change over