Two-hand control modules

Two-hand controls on machinery and plants are used to protect operators against injuries by dangerous closing movements. The control unit is located outside the dangerous area to prevent the operator from getting into this area before a dangerous movement is actually stopped.


  • Save cost by leaving out conventional contactor controls
  • Type-tested circuits complying with the requirements from the employers' liability insurance association
  • Compact prewired rail-mounted modules

Safety gate monitoring

Two-hand controls consist of an operating panel featuring two operating elements (control push buttons) which have to be arranged so that both hands must be used for operation. The DOLD evaluator module only releases once both control elements are operated simultaneously within 500 ms. The release command is present as long as both control elements remain operated. When one control element is unhanded a new control command can only occur if the other control element is also unhanded and both elements are operated again.

DOLD evalutor modules are used on all machines and plants where a dangerous closing movement may cause injuries of the operating personnel.

  • Typical applications include the operation of
  • Presses
  • Hole punching machines
  • Cutting/shearing devices
Two-hand circuits SAFEMASTER
Funktion Cat. / PL
acc. to
EN 13849-1*
acc. to
EN 62061*
Safety integrity level
according to EN 574
nominal voltage Thermal current
Ith [A] max.
Two-hand circuits 1 / c 1 III A 2 NO + + 6 A 45 BD 5980N
Two-hand circuits 4 / e 3 III C 2 NO; 1 NC + + 5 A + 22.5 BG 5933
Two-hand circuits
with var. Terminals
4 / e 3 III C 3 NO; 1 NC + + 5 A + 22.5 LG 5933
Two-hand circuits 4 / e 3 III C 3 NO; 1 NC + + 5 A + 45 BH 5933
NO = norminally open contact, NC = normally closed contact
* Please check state of approval of idividual devices in the latest data sheet.